Into the bird cave!

Bird dad He/Him/His 27 and german. I really hope this site will get popular


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Cringetober day 1 and 2: heterochromia and animal ears!

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I love Miruko!! I had fun drawing her though I have mixed feelings with how this turned out hhhhh

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--Marek Rużyk

(I wasn't able to find the title of this painting, unfortunately.)

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"I'm not racist, but same sex marriage should be between a man and a woman."

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Social distancing in Siberia: "please keep the length of one small bear from each other".

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🌿 commission for witchvale

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Waking up with cramps is bullshit jdbxjsndhxj

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Just a textless panel of my bird people comic. Maybe one day it will actually be done...

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Due to some circumstances, employees are now allowed to kill 2 customers a month if they have reasonable motivation

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To anyone who needs to hear this right now:

You are allowed to be negative sometimes.

You are allowed to feel hurt

You are allowed to be upset

You are allowed to have a bad moment, a bad day

You are allowed to let those horrible feelings run through you, drag you down, cripple you.

You are allowed to process the bad shit as well as the good, so that in the end you can come out the other side stronger for it all.

Gonna put my random world building blurbs on here cuz if I would put them on tumblr i would at some point never find them again and my blog there is already convoluted enough, so yeah....

Bird people world building...

Seeing pics of hot tubs made me think how their bathing routine is maybe kinda similar to the japanese one? First taking a shower and then hop into the bath tub. Their bathrooms are also really big and tall so they can spread their wings out comfortably and clean them too. You wanna be comfy and nothing is less comfy than crammed wings after all. Most bathrooms also have lots and lots of plants, especially in the rainforest regions. Plants everywhere, they just grow wherever they want. The shower heads (yep, several) are placed on the ceiling and mostly covered by plants so if they are turned on the water falls on the plants and then spreads from there, so its more like standing under heavy warm rain than a regular shower. There also is no special area for the shower, the whole bathroom is one, basically. And then to the side of is is a half step down to the bathtub area, which is big enough to paddle around a bit.

Again, because wings. Big ol wings.
And plants everywhere because plants are neat.

It's him... the loudest cloud

Hawks sitting bored in a hero meeting

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they like the beanbags too 👌👌❤

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English alphabet: a, b, c, d, e, f, g...

German alphabet: a, b, c, d, e, f, g...

Russian alphabet: a, b, c, where's the hedgehog, i...

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the joke wokrs because russian alphabet goes: а, б, в, г, д, е, ё, ж, з, и, к... and so on. the letters i wrote in bold form a phrase "где ёж", which literally translates to "where's the hedgehog".

Finally pulled out my acrylic ink again and messed around with it on glass. Idk if I'm done with it yet, but it's so pretty

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Websites learning how to block AdBlock is the biggest scam in history

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Mermay Day 13 - Galaxy

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quarantine got me pulling out the stash of dollar store acrylics